Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Tag – SO FUN!


01. Find An Author Name Or Title With A Z In It:

Alex and Eliza (Alex & Eliza, #1)

02. Find A Classic:

Image result for the catcher in the rye

03. Find A Book With A Key On It:

Image result for asylum book

(it’s on the spine)

04. Find Something On Your Bookshelves That Isn’t A Book:

“If you met my family you’d understand” wooden sign

05. Find The Oldest Book On Your Shelves:

Image result for the 12th night book

06. Find A Book With A Girl On It:

Image result for a girl like that book

07. Find A Book That Has An Animal On It:

Image result for the art of racing in the rain

08. Find A Book With A Male Protagonist:

Image result for the great american whatever

09. Find A Book With Only Words On The Cover:

Related image

10. Find A Book With Illustrations On It:

Image result for we are okay book

11. Find A Book With Gold Lettering:

Image result for merciless 2

I did a gold book instead!

12. Find A Diary, True or Fictional:

Image result for dear nobody book

13. Find A Book Written By An Author With A Common Name:

Image result for nothing happened book

I interpreted this as a commonly used name, not as a super popular author.

14. Find A Book With A Close Up Of Something On It:

Image result for a 1000 perfect notes

15. Find A Book On Your Shelves That Takes Place In The Earliest Time Period:

I missed this one, oops!

16. Find A Hardcover Book Without A Jacket:

Image result for speak graphic novel

17. Find A Teal/Turquoise Coloured Book:

Image result for love and other train wrecks

18. Find A Book With Stars On It:

Image result for the infinite moment of us

19. Find A Non-YA Book:

Image result for the single guy vanhekken Shout out to a local author, Jennifer VanHekken, who wrote this adult fictional novel that is like a heartfelt season of The Bachelor!



    • I’ve not read all of them yet, as some are TBR, but I adored The Art of Racing in the rain (I hate audiobooks but loved this one) – it’s told through a dog’s perspective. Also A Thousand Perfect Notes is intense! The Single Guy is great, too!

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