Pride Month, A Little Late

IMG_7013So I totally missed the boat on posting about #pride in June, so I figured early July is better than nothing! To celebrate #PrideMonth, here are ten books that I have either read or are on my TBR!

First of all, 6 of my favorites:

Been Here All Along – Gideon is a planner. Kyle is his neighbor. Kyle has a girlfriend. Gideon and Kyle are best friends. Kyle is bisexual, and Gideon…well, he hasn’t figured that out. Until he has. And it’s adorable. Love me a good boy next store romance!

History is All You Left Me – Griffin his not over his ex (who is also his best friend), and then Theo (the ex) passses away in a drowning accident. In the midst of dealing with his grief, he also is forced to face his ex’s new boyfriend, Jackson. Eventually the two discover that they might need to rely on one another to get through this. Adam Silvera books will literally tear your heart from your chest. Okay, maybe figuratively.

Lily and Dunkin – Lily was born Timothy. Dunkin is actually Norbert, but doesn’t love the name. Lily’s dad refuses to accept her for who she is, and Dunkin suffers from bipolar disorder and often refuses to take his medication. This one is told in alternating POVs, and it’s adorable and warm and fuzzy and wonderful. 

More Happy Than Not – Aaron’s family has suffered an immense tragedy, and he cannot remember what it felt like to be happy. His girlfriend, Genevieve, tries to help him as well as his new best friend, Thomas, but new discoveries make things even more complicated. In this society an optional procedure exists to wipe your memories clear, so that anything sad or tragic can be forgotten. Will Aaron participate? OMG, Silvera! ‘Nuff said. 

The Great American Whatever – Quinn and his mother are grieving the death of his sister, Annabeth. He has stopped going to school, mom sleeps on the couch, and Quinn doesn’t get out much. His best friend, Geoff, convinces him to leave the house and go to a party where he meets a hot guy and Quinn falls hard. This one is pretty edgy, but it’s SO, SO, SO good!

The Upside of Unrequited – Molly has had nothing but one-sided crushes and thinks that’s all that will ever be. She also has a twin sister with a new girlfriend, causing Molly to fell left out. Molly meets a boy through Cassie’s new girlfriend and a nerdy guy at work. Will she finally get her first kiss? This is my favorite Albertalli book; it’s just plain awesome. 

And 4 that were recommended to me by one of my teaching partners, Dawn! I trust her judgement like at least 70% of the time, lol. This percentage would be higher, based on previous book recs, but you just can’t fully trust someone that eats yogurt after it’s been sitting out ALL day. Yuck:

A Boy Worth Knowing – A boy is getting advice from ghosts and has been for years. Boy meets Boy and now has two secrets to keep. “Ghosts, bullies, first love; it’s a lot to deal with when you’re just trying to survive senior year.” Sign me up for ghosts and a good boy meets boy story!

Autoboyography – Tanner’s family relocates from California to Utah, forcing him back in the closet (he is bisexual). His best friend dares him to join a program where he’ll write his own book in only four months. He doesn’t see that as a challenging task, until he realizes how quickly he can fall for his mentor. I’ve wanted to read this book for SO long, but was waiting for my classroom copy to show up. It didn’t show up. 

If I Was Your Girl – New girl, Amanda, meets easygoing Grant and starts spending time with him. She wants to let her guard down, but hasn’t told him her secret; at her old school she was Andrew. The reviews on this love story are great and I can’t wait to read it!

We Are Okay – Marin has run away from her tragic past with only her phone, wallet and a picture of her mother. She hasn’t spoken to anyone from her past until Mabel comes to visit. To be honest, the cover of this one is not my favorite, but people talk about it ALL OF THE TIME! So, I’ll conquer it. 


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